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What Is A Third Party Administrator (TPA)?

Chances are, you've been hearing a lot about TPAs lately, as more and more companies turn to this excellent solution for their claims management needs. A third party administrator is a company that helps you customize and control every aspect of the cost and risk associated with workers comp claims in California. TPAs like Reverent Insurance Services can also help with program enrollment, utilization and bill review.

Reverent Insurance Services

  • Pure Paperless TPA Claims Management
  • Utilization Review
  • Premium Claims Management Platform
  • MPN (Medical Provider Network)
  • PBM (Pharmacy Benefits Manager)
  • Investigations (AOE/COE, Subrosa, Fraud Prevention)
  • Medical Bill Review
  • Nurse Triage

Third Party Administrator Claims Management

California workers compensation insurance doesn't have to be a headache: it can actually be a relief, with full-service third party administrator workers compensation claims management from Reverent Insurance Services.

AboutReverent Insurance Services

Reverent Insurance Services (RIS) is a California workers comp TPA and full-service claims management solution for mid- to large-sized businesses. With years of industry experience and a trusted eye for detail, Reverent is redefining the game when it comes to third party administrators. RIS was born out of a deep knowledge of this industry and the desire to see it evolve into a platform that makes claims management easier for everyone. Oh -- and did we mention that we're committed to being fully paperless and environmentally sustainable, too?

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